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5PM Poker

By: Digital Beach Software - May 30, 2009 - 5 stars   

5PM Poker

5PM Poker is an all free Texas Hold em Poker site that combines cartoon styled graphics and event driven animations. The site’s continuously running Public Tables challenge players from novice to expert. In addition, the site offers continuously updated information on individual hand strength and odds of winning the hand. The site also allows players to create their own tables and invite friends to play in their own poker network, and offers player-initiated on-demand poker tournaments.

5PM Poker was built using the GWT platform. Using GWT animation enables playing cards, chips, avatars, and other objects to move seamlessly around the room. The site has integrated chat, sounds, and roll-overs to give the site the feel of a desktop application. All client / server communications are through GWT RPC and the animations use the GWT Animations API. We found the GWT platform to be full featured and up to the challenge of creating this highly interactive application.


Tags: GWT RPC rpc animation animations sound sounds resourcebundles game games texas holdem hands texas holdem Free Poker Texas Holdem Poker Tournaments 5pm poker

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Love it!   5 stars  - alipem - March 19, 2010

What a great example of what you can do with GWT. After playing a while I see that this site is truly addictive. You can really get attached to the avatars.

I have played some more   5 stars  - williammay91 - June 10, 2009

I played some more. And I just have to say that this poker game is really fun. This application pulls you in. Very habit forming.

Very Nice App   5 stars  - williammay91 - June 10, 2009

This site shows what can be accomplished with GWT. I really like the graphics and the game play is great. The chat is displayed with comic book balloons what cool idea. I wish they had more avatars though.

cool app....   5 stars  - santeewoman - June 03, 2009

Wow, I am not a poker player, but this is so fun..The best part is that it is free and I really love the chatting!!

Great App   5 stars  - allyandzuzy - June 03, 2009

Wow this site rocks. The graphics and game play are dead on. I'm so addicted. I can't stop playing. And best of all it free. Five stars no problem!!!