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Itemscript JSON Library

By: {item:foo} - Mar 11, 2010 - 5 stars   

Itemscript JSON Library

Itemscript provides a common JSON API for the standard Java and GWT Java environment. Itemscript includes a JSON schema specification, validator and a RESTful in-memory JSON database. JAM (JSON Application Markup) extends Itemscript to enable declarative programming of GWT applications. In contrast to the GWT UI Binder, JAM templates are processed at runtime. This has advantages in some use cases.

This 1.0 release adds a schema validator, JAM (JSON Application Markup) template language, and the Itemstore API, a RESTful API to in-memory or remote data sources.



Tags: GWT Java JSON REST Itemstore JAM Itemscript itemscript json library

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   5 stars  - - March 14, 2010